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© (c) 2017- StormDesigns & Associates. All information, artwork, and/or files attached or contained within this communication are protected by general United States and Worldwide copyright law. All rights are expressly reserved for StormDesigns and related project clients. Attached files may not be forwarded, reproduced, redistributed, reused or copied in any manner without express consent of StormDesigns, Inc. or associated parties. Please contact StormDesigns if you have questions pertaining to rights of usage for attached files. If clients send materials to stormdesigns in the form of text, images, video, graphics or similar, clients accept FULL responsibility to obtain copyright for usage as indicated. StormDesigns will not accept usage of any materials with copyright indicated to other parties without express consent of said parties. Also materials with familiar origins will not be accepted for use in client projects unless client is the owner of the rights to copy such images. Materials sent with no indication of copyright are covered by general, local, national and international copyright law and any abuse of such materials provided is the responsibility of the parties providing that material. If we are hired to research copyrighted material, those issues will be addressed at that time.

Projects priced but not yet ordered/fulfilled.

Due to the flexible nature and availability of print, internet and marketing and materials, pricing information is subject to change contingent with changing market conditions or availability. Please confirm pricing as current when placing your order. For all design services it should be noted that any materials not specifically suggested in project descriptions in writing are not included. If you have any questions regarding details that you are unsure of please review with StormDesigns to determine wether that product or service is included in your project. All changes to materials provided after a project has been initiated may require additional service and related billing. StormDesigns will alert clients to a need for such billing should such circumstance occur previous to engaging in extra work not indicated in an original project description or quotation or similar documentation. All print orders are subject to verification by client. Client is responsible to make specific notes regarding any details which are custom in nature but may not be very obvious upon visual overview.

Pricing information contained herein is subject to change at any time prior to order placement. StormDesigns is under no contract to hold pricing for a set period unless contracted to elsewhere and specifically.


StormDesigns operates under current copyright law as well as fair practices to the graphic arts and printing industries.
www.StormDesigns.com - This means we grant full copyright for any and all usage to the creative services and resulting products we provide our clients. Only contingency there is that StormDesigns must have been paid in full enough to serve the terms of an originating agreement (normally sent via email). We do maintain our own rights to full copyright of our creative works as this encourages us to be fully open and creative in providing more creative products.