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We know, you  get 12 phone calls a week from Robots offering you "Top Listing in Google". We  get them too (LOL) as if. The Search for trustworthy SEO is SE-OVER. StormDesigns now provides clear navigation for your sites Search Engine Optimization processes. You'll see we have three packages. These are Honest SEO process packages where we don't just make up or mislead regarding results.

Please  note these are ongoing products and billing is monthly on the first date of the monthly billing period.

The science of SEO "engineering" is a continuous study of the terms which  are most used to search for your  products and services based on  your location, branding and market. StormSEO will take your organization through a thoughtful process of studying thee best terminology, how that apples to organic search for your website and then  verifying how much traction your landing pages are able to receive based on  a continual review and improve process.

The Three Levels:

The Squall (SEO Prep is  Also Required!)

The perfect entry level package for many small business owners seeking to begin managing the process of appearing in organic search results one sites like Google Yahoo and Bing. This package includes an initial setup of your software technology and then quarterly meetings to review results, update content to suit and foster the game plan for the next period. 3 "Action Items" Per quarter & 1-hour meeting scheduled quarterly at commencement plus a quarterly update/analysis.

For businesses at $250k/year revenues - Normal Take-up Time: 12-18 months

Due to the lower cost to entry this package requires an initial preparation which incurs a one-time fee of $349.00. Please also add that to your shopping cart before checkout. - LINK

The T-Storm (Prep Included)

This package is too comprehensive for most small businesses and startups but when you're serious about making a concentrated effort on "Showing up in the search results" this may be what you need to grow with. This program includes a monthly update to review results and update your action  lists with up to ##  items per month detailed and addressed! 7 "Action Items" Per month. 1-hour meeting scheduled every other month plus a bi-monthly updates & analysis.

For businesses at $700k/year revenues - Normal Take-up Time: 6-12 months

The Monsoon (Prep Included)

Yup,  that's a really big SEO storm and the result is a concentrated focus on dominant your market and presence. More action items and update frequency which you know is exactly what google and bing are looking for. They want Fresh and relevant? We intend to deliver!  14 "Action Items" Per month. 2 1-hour meeting scheduled every other month plus monthly updates & analysis.

For businesses at $2m/year revenues - Normal Take-up Time: 4-6 months

*Take-up time is an estimation of how long it can take for search engines to catalog pages as we intend. There are numerous factor which can impact this in either direction.  

Prep Preparation for your site based on a custom tailored set of interests based on your position within your market.
Graphics Banner advertising may be a part of your overall SEO marketing program.


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